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Congratulations on a great accomplishment and welcome to a new era of your life. You have checked off the first of two steps our culture adheres to…go to college, get a degree so you can get a “good” job. May I offer some advice on the second part?

Don’t look for a job, look for an opportunity. Don’t think of what you can get from a “job” but who you can become through the opportunity.

You are embarking on a new journey. You will either achieve your dreams and aspirations in life or you will look back with pain and regret. I hope to shed some light on how to accomplish the former; as there is no in between. You are either growing or dying; winning or losing.

Most will advise you to look for a job with a high paying salary and good benefits. Some might even suggest a nice company job where you get paid to come in late and leave early. I would suggest you look for a mentor and a pay scale based on what you produce. Benefits are nice, but commissions are better. You see, people make money based on how much value they bring to the market place; therefore, if you take a salaried position, your pay grade is based on what the position is worth, not what you, as an individual, are worth.

The “Secrets” To Success

Yeah, there are lots of tips and tricks to success. Volumes and volumes of books and thousands of pages have been written about the topic. And while I’m not discounting those thousands of pages, I’ve always reflected on these few tips to help me get to where I’ve always wanted to be…on the road less traveled.

“Formal education will make you a living, but self-education will make you wealthy.” ~Jim Rohn

You’ve covered the formal education part, let’s look at starting your self-education part.

“The person you are five years from now will depend on ONLY three things: the people you associate with, the mentors you learn under, and the books you read.” That’s the only three things you need to concern yourself with.

I would recommend starting with the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book has had a very profound impact on my life and the way I see the world. Beware though, this book teaches you a completely different thought process then what you’ve been brought up with…which brings me to my next point…

“To become successful, watch what everyone else does, and do the opposite.” ~Mike Waechter

It’s safe to say most people you know don’t read. So let’s start with that. Most everyone doesn’t read books, so to be successful, pick up a book.

Another book you might start with is: How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success in Selling. There’s only one way to become successful in life, and that is to learn how to work with others. This simple book is the best I’ve ever read on this topic.

This brings me to my last point… and this is the most difficult point of all.

“Winners Take Action.” ~Tom Pace

It’s easy to read books and have mentors, but where most people fail is the action part. Most people fail because they fear the unknown. Unfortunately, the ONLY way to conquer fear is with ACTION.

The best way to conquer fear is to just do something, anything and I promise you will get a result. And getting a result, negative or positive, will always lead you somewhere further down the road less traveled…the road you truly desire to be on.

There are literally hundreds of success strategies to learn about and follow. But if you follow your heart, have faith and let these simple concepts become the core of your development, all the little things in life will fall perfectly into place at the perfect, exact time you need them.

At least this is the way it has worked for me.

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