Finally, a movie worth watching…Atlus Shrugged

Some friends and I went and watched this last night. Of course we watched the first one as well.

I am challenging myself to read the book.

I know this movie may seem a little over board for some people but I think it is a pretty accurate depiction of how far out of touch the government has become with the economy and what works and what doesn’t work.

Here’s an example. The other day a local, city government employee walked into my gold store and told me that my advertising sign in the back of my truck, parked out by the road, was illegal.

I told him I was unaware of that and asked if there was a work around. Here’s how the conversation went.


Me: I didn’t know they were illegal because I’ve seen one of our competitors doing it for month’s now and that’s where we got the idea.

Him: Well tell me where they’re at and I’ll “go get them too.”

Me: They’re friends of ours. I’m not giving you that information. I’m sure you can find them if you want to…but is there some type of work around for this sign issue. We rely a lot on that sign out there and without it we might not be able to stay in business.

Him: Well if you have enough money to buy gold, then you have enough money to stay in business.

-Make sure you read that part again very slowly-

Me: Smiled at him (Inside: Did he really just $*%&#!@ say that???)

Him: And I’m not sure about your wrapped truck being parked by the road either…

Me: Well how can that be illegal? We own the truck and the owner of this building owns the parking lot it’s in…wouldn’t that be the owner of the parking lots’ decision on who and what can park there???

Him: Well you’d be surprised of the ordinances they can come up with.

Me: Inside: Chase…don’t say or DO anything that you will go to jail for!


This guy has no understanding of capitalism, economic growth and prosperity, business ownership, creating something out of nothing…basically anything that has to do with MAKING THIS WORLD GO ROUND!

If I can’t advertise, I can’t get customers. If I can’t get customers, I can’t stay in business.

But wait…the almighty brilliant thought process of the bureaucrats.

If you have enough money to buy gold, you can stay in business…

Yep, that’s exactly the mindset our socialistic influenced government has these days.

Oh sure they’ll say all the right things…

“A company has to produce a profit to stay in business.”

“Small business is what drives the economy.”

“Small business is what provides the bulk of employment.”

But they have no idea how a REAL business works. They don’t understand revenue, expenses and profit because they don’t have to work or provide any value to society for their revenue.

And if their expenses get to high, they just tax(steal) the people more or print more money…whatever will leave the least amount of ripple in the public water so they can get re-elected.

They don’t have to advertise for their revenue. They have no competitors. They don’t understand the concept of doing whatever it takes to make something work…showing up early, staying late, having no concept of “regular business hours.”

They leave all that up to us, the people, the producers that go out and work for money. And then they show up to collect theirs and then have the audacity to say having a sign is illegal. Or your fire extinguisher is not set high enough off the ground and is a public safety issue. Or because of budgeting, your license fees have doubled from last year. Or since you’ve been successful you need to give more of your money to pay your fair share.


If you think the government can solve any issue, you are wrong. If you look to the government for solutions instead of looking at yourself and your neighbors, you are wrong. If you think this is about Republicans vs. Democrats, you’ve already lost. And most importantly…if you are watching this election and voting for Obama or Romney because “they are going to fix this” then the government has already won. They have control over you and will keep it until you take back it back. What you need to start fighting for is control of your MIND. That’s the only thing they can’t physically take from you.






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