The Number 1 Marketing Tip Of All Time

Here is the best lesson in marketing anyone can ever give you.

No one buys a drill because they want a drill, they buy a drill because they need a hole.

Hmmmm…good food for thought huh?

So what does this mean?

You customers are not buying from you because you have a cool business name or building. They naturally don’t care what the product is or what it looks like…

All they want to know is this: “Will it solve my problem?!?!”

Too many times as business owners and marketers, we are so into ourselves that we sell our business and products…instead of the solution the customer is looking for.

Here’s an example, if you are selling a vitamin or nutritional supplement, you need to focus on the benefits of your products. Does the customer really care what year the company started or how the plants are treated?

No. The customer wants to know, “is this supplement going to fix the problem I am having?”

If you can convince the customer that your product will fix their problem, then you have done your job.

Hope that helps.

The Slight Edge

I read a book a while back entitled The Slight Edge and it had one really HUGE tip in it that is over-looked by almost everyone.

Think about it…what happens when most people decide to do something…like lose weight?

They jump in head first and they become obsessed with it. All they can think about is losing weight, what they’re eating, when they’re excising again, etc.

And when does this usually happen? January 1st! Sound familiar?

This will usually last a whole whopping 3 weeks…two months if they’re lucky.

Why? What happened?

Burn out.

The only people who can afford to exercise 2 hours every day and only eat fish and spinach are professional athletes…because they get paid to do that!

The average person, like me and you, have to get to our physical fitness goals a different way. We have a normal life, not revolving around physical fitness.

So what is the secret? It’s the slight edge!

The slight edge means doing just a little something everyday that is in the direction of your goal.

So maybe you can only jog for 15 minutes today…then jog for 15 minutes today! Maybe you only have enough time to do 40 push-ups instead of a whole workout…then do 40 push-ups!

These are the little things that you do on a consistent basis that add up to make a huge difference over time.

George St. Pierre, arguably the greatest professional fighter of all-time, said something like this once, to become the best champion I can be, I have to do something everyday to move me in that direction…even if it’s a tiny thing.

That is the slight edge.

And this works for every area of your life. Don’t get bogged down in over-night growth. Just try to do a little bit every day and let those little bits add up in time.

Good Emotional Stability Video

Check this out. My buddy Gib sent this to me. You can click on the website below and scroll through the videos to 10/27/2010 – Emotional Stability – Pt 1.

I think this is some good info to sort through. I really appreciate that Joyce talks about routines and habits and consistency. I’ve found that when I have consistent good habits in the little things, then the big things in my life are always better…like happiness.


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