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Centro, in my opinion, is the main reason to visit Cartagena. If you want beaches, there are several better options east over in the Islands. But of course, you only learn by doing. So even though our apartment in Boca Grande was steps from the beach, we fell in love with “Centro.”

Centro is only a $2-$3 cab ride from Boca Grande and well worth it. The city is called the walled city because it is surrounded by a wall. I’m not much of a sight-seer when I go places so I should probably know more about the wall. But what I do know is there are cannons lined along the wall so the wall was obviously for protection years ago.

Today, it makes for great pictures and a great walking space. It is very unique. I can’t say I’ve ever seen another walled city in my life.

Inside the walls is beauty and activity. There’s plenty to do in Centro and you’ll never get bored. The city really reminded me of New Orleans, Louisiana. The buildings are very colorful and the people like to party…and there’s plenty of places to assist you with the latter. Also, the happy hours are amazingly cheap and sometimes last all night. We found ourselves spending most of our time in Cartagena wondering around Centro and snapping pictures.

If we booked our Cartagena trip again, we would stay in Centro or within walking distance…

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