I heard a saying once in business that you want your organization to be like a bucket of water.

If you take a cup and dip it in a bucket of water, before you can even get the cup of water out of the bucket, the water has already replaced the hole the cup left in it…

The thought was that in a good, duplicateable system, anyone in your organization should be that replaceable (like the water).

Recently, my best friends’ best friend died. He was young and it was sudden and unexpected. But yet, the next day, the world still went on as if nothing tragic had happened.

Recently, a huge hurricane swept through the east coast of the US. Thousands and thousands of lives were affected in a very negative way. But I live in the middle of the US and the next day, life went on as normal as if nothing had happened.

These circumstances remind me of how insignificant it seems to be a human. We are like water in a bucket. Even though the cup may come down and take one of us out of the bucket, life seems to replace us very quickly and life seems to continue as normal, as if you never existed in the first place.

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