You’ve heard the saying Karma’s a bitch, but is it really?

First lets make a simply definition of Karma…

You get what you give…there…simple.

Here’s a story:

About 3 weeks ago I went to the Half Price Books Store to sell some books. I have a huge library and was tired of moving it all the time.

Side note: What I learned that day was to stop buying books at retail prices…always buy them on the cheap! That way when you go to sell them or trade them in, you won’t be pissed off about all the money you lost on them.

Back to story:

I had to wait about 30 minutes for the customer service rep to sort through my books so I wondered around the book store.

Actually you’re not allowed to leave the book store while they’re going through your books – good marketing tactic on their end…wasted 30 minutes of my day though 🙂

During my wondering around I stumbled into the investing/finance portion of the store. The is about the only place I spend my time in a book store.

I wasn’t going to buy anything because I didn’t want them to “get me”

But I was curious to see what they carried. I went to look for a book I just purchased (at full retail) to see how much I could have saved if I would have bought it from them…

The book was called: Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing in Gold and Silver.

They DID NOT have the book.

So no big deal…I didn’t spend any money.

Let’s fast forward 3 weeks now. I took a trip to Vegas. When I arrived in Vegas…I was getting off the plane and realized I had just left my book (Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing in Gold and Silver) on the plane.

I had just gotten out of the little walk way area…

So my first thought was: Go back and get it…people are still getting off the plane so you’ll still be able to get on and get your book.

Then, my second thought was: Nope, that must have happened for a reason…someone needs that book so leave it there.

And that’s what I did.

I got back from my trip and decided to go back to the half price book store to pick up another Robert Kiyosaki book.

But when I was browsing around, there was actually the same book there that I left on the plane. Remember a few weeks ago that book wasn’t there…and now it was.

My face lit up when I realized what had just happened…seemed like Karma to me!

So is Karma a bitch?

…Only if you make it one.

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