It was a Monday…I had just gotten to my new apartment on Sunday. It was a day of settling into the new place, the new country…

I was at the sink washing some dishes when all of the sudden I heard gun shots. I heard this place was crazy…but really? Day one.

I immediately froze and waited to see what happened next.

More loud noises…but this one had a long hiss…and then a popping sound. What the hell was going on at 3pm on a Monday?

Then I put the pieces together…these weren’t gun shots…they were fire crackers…

Again…it’s Monday…WTF…and then it clicked. “Oh yeah, Brazil plays in the world cup today at 5pm.”

Businesses close, firecrackers explode, bands come to the streets, people start these weird soccer chants.

Seriously? All this for a soccer game? It’s still the first round…and they were playing a team that hadn’t won a game yet…but then again it’s Brazil…and a soccer game seems like a good of reason as any to ditch work, fire up the grill and start partying…

Welcome to Brasil (Brawl-sill).

I made it to my first Brazilian BBQ to watch the game and was treated like a king…not sure if it was because I was a guest or a gringo…probably a little of both.

And these guys knew how to party. I’m not sure if they ran a background check on me before I showed up and knew that I had a particular liking for beer…but my cup never got half empty before they were refilling it again. I mean it’s not polite to show up to another country and turn down their offerings 🙂

The Brazilian food, the Brazilian beer, the Brazilian people…it was a great first night in my new home…one that I’ll never forget…although I probably don’t remember all of it…welcome to Brasil 🙂

Brazilian Girls

Brazilian BBQ


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