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During our weekend trip to Taganga, Colombia, we booked a diving trip with Nautilus Dive Center. Part of the package was a free stay in their Cabana. The sound of free got my ear so I think I missed the part about no running water, no electricity, no shower, no bed, no enclosed building…pretty much no nothing besides a hammock and an incredible view.

Even though I love traveling and beaches and new experiences, I typically like to end my day with a hot shower and a nice bed in a nice hotel with nice amenities. I’m no outdoors-man by no stretch. I think I camped once when I was younger. I don’t even know how to put a tent up…but again the hammocks and the free part sounded cool.

The thing is the boat drops you off there at noon, and comes back the next day around the same time to pick you up.

When you get there, there’s the feeling of excitement. The view is amazing. It is extremely remote. The weather is perfect. There’s no one to bother you with emails or phone calls. The beach is not crowded…

Then you see the boat pull off for the night (knowing it’s not coming back and you have no way of communication with the outside world)…you stroll around taking pictures and checking things out…then after 30 minutes or so you run out of things to take pictures of and reality sets in…OH SHIT…

You start to understand why you are the only person on the boat that got off and stayed there…no running water, no electricity, no ducha (shower), no internet, no bed, no doors on anything…nothing but you and the cabana boy which doesn’t speak English. And unlike South Americans that say they speak very little English and then have a complete English conversation with you…when I say I speak very little Spanish…I mean very, very, very little. If I wanted a life experience…well I got one!

Luckily though, I had my girlfriend with me. She made great company and speaks Spanish. Yet, this was definitely the longest 24 hours of my life…felt more like a week or two after only a few hours of being there.

Really the only thing to do is read, talk, sleep or swim…that’s the options. And unlike Oklahoma where the sun goes down around 8:30 right now…the sun goes down at 6 pm in this part of Colombia.

Although there is no electricity, you do get generator produced electricity from 7-10 pm. This includes two light bulbs and a small TV that gets Direct TV cable.

Dinner was served around 6 and then TV from 7-8:30 pm. Keep in mind, I don’t like to sleep in the dark, and don’t like sleeping outside and we are in nowhere-ville in Colombia where supposiveĀ  kidnappings happen all the time. Our cabana boy’s choice for TV entertainment? A prison show where people are stabbed to death and burned alive, the local news full of negative stuff and people dying, and then he concluded our viewings with the ending of Titanic…you know where the boat cracks in half and most everyone dies a horrifying death…I am not making this stuff up. Needless to say, I woke up about every 10 minutes to any noise that was made.

But in the end, this was a once in a lifetime experience. The water was beautiful. The food was delicious. The swimming was incredible. And when I cracked my eyes open at 5:30 am the next morning (to the rooster crowing), the view was nothing short of breath taking.

I was damn happy to see my boat back to the city the next day…but also damn happy I did it too.

Stay the night in a hammock in the middle of nowhere…check!


Cabana Ariel

cabana beach

Small Beach Down Stairs


cabana dinner view

cabana bedroom

“Inside” Beds…The Hammocks Were More Enticing

cabana bano

Bathroom That You Had To Dump Water In To Make Work


The Resident Rooster

cabana kitchen

Kitchen Area

cabana dinner

Our Dinner That Was Caught That Morning

cabana hangout

The Haunting TV and Resident Dog

cabana ducha

Ducha…Spanish for Shower

ready to swim

Getting Ready For A Swim

cabana bed

Sleeping Accommodations For The Night



Resident Goats

Relaxing All Day

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