During our last night in Cartagena, we decided to head over to Centro for one last dinner.

We were headed to a place called Oh! La La. We sat down, looked at the menu and decided to jet…

It turned out to be a great decision because as we were walking a guy got our attention. This was normal because everyone wants you to eat at their restaurant. But when they speak English to me, they get my attention.

The guy: “Where are you from?”

Me: Oklahoma (if they know where OK is at, then I’ll talk to them, say you’re American and it’s like vultures attacking the wallet)

The guy: Ohhhhh, USA…well tonight you meet Obama and then he stuck out his hand. When I looked at him, I almost fell over laughing!

Check out the pictures….he said a few months ago some of our troops were in Centro and in Uniform and they all took pictures with him. Needless to say, he sold us on his restaurant which was great because we got 1 entree, 4 empanadas and 3 drinks for under $21…not bad…and the picture was priceless.


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