Since I only have a few days left in Sint Maarten, I decided to spend a little money on the best thing to do in the islands…get off the shore and onto the water.

After a quick internet search, I found these guys: Blue Beard Charters and I’m sure glad I did. We sailed out of Simpson Bay at 8:30am and returned at 4:30pm. We were supposed to sail to the north side of Anguilla to Prickly Pear, but do to sea conditions we had to “settle” for Rendezvous Bay which is just on the south side of Anguilla (Sint Maarten is south of Anguilla).

The boat ride still took close to 2 hours. The water was amazing. You could easily see 50 feet down in a lot of areas. The boat was amazing too. It was my first catamaran experience and I must say I prefer it. More stability, means more relaxation. I mainly stretch out on the trampolines (in the front, with holes in them so you can see the water) and listened to the water and napped.

Rendezvous Bay was a very beautiful beach with beautiful and calm water…a great place to swim. Not much for snorkeling though as there was hardly any sea life around.

The boat staff was really great and very laid back After lunch, I wanted to get back on the boat because…why not? It’s not every day you take a 60 foot catamaran out in the islands. I set on the boat myself (and the staff was cool with that), relaxing, pouring rum and imagining owning one some day.

But the best thing to do was fly over the side rails 15 feet down into crystal clear water. That never got old. I want one.

After a few hours of playing on the boat, it was time to set sail back home. Again, I laid out and slept most the way back.

Now that I’m back at the condo, the room is still moving like I’m on a boat…I’m pretty sure it’s my body’s way of telling me I need to do this more often.



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