Taganga Diving 8

We didn’t go to Taganga to dive but it turns out its one of the cheapest places to get your scuba diver’s certification…in the world!

We only planned on being in Taganga for two days. We just wanted to get out of the city for a few days and do nothing but relax on a beach that wasn’t crowded by tourist, locals and most of all…peddlers.

We got to our hotel, threw our bag in the room and headed to the beach. There we met an American from Arizona. She worked for a dive shop there called the Nautilus Dive Center. She asked us if we wanted to go diving. I’ve never been and have always thought it would be fun.

She took us in the shop and explained the package was for two dives around 20-40 feet. The package included everything we needed and a free stay in their cabana…which I wrote another post for that here.

Of course, everything sounded fun so I asked the important question…price. $65 dollars per person. I almost fell out of my chair. At that point it was a no-brainer. $65 for a diving experience and a place to stay for free.

So we met at the dive shop the next morning and headed out. The instructor only took about 15-20 minutes to explain everything and we headed under water. The dives were a lot of fun and something I’d like to do again. We really enjoyed our instructor Julian and the whole experience was great. Do I want to go to 100 feet deep or get certified? Probably not. But you never know.

Go scuba diving…check!

The price also included under water pictures. Unfortunately they’re only of us and not some of the amazing water life we saw.

Taganga Diving boat

taganga Diving 1

Taganga Diving 2

Taganga Diving 3

Taganga Diving 4

Taganga Diving 5

Taganga Diving 6

Taganga Diving 7

Taganga Diving 9

Taganga Diving 10

Taganga Diving 11

Taganga Diving 12

Taganga Diving 13

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