Woke up this morning to the sight of fishermen outside of our apartment.

fishermen from apartment


So we grabbed a camera and zipped down stairs to watch them. We saw they were selling their catches to the locals so Ana went over to inspect the goods and negotiate prices. We were cooking a stew today and thought shrimp would go perfect with that.

Ana negotiated a price of 20,000 COP a kilo or $10 USD for 2 pounds. We ran back upstairs and grabbed 10,000 pesos, a plastic bag and ice and came back down and purchased a little over a pound of just-caught shrimp for $5.

ana negotiating

bag of shrimp

This is one of the many things I appreciate about being close to the ocean. There’s a lot more free market working here. We didn’t have to wait for the shrimp to be FDA approved, processed, injected with who knows what kind of chemicals to keep the color…and marked up 100-200%. All we had to do was walk down stairs.

It’s been a few hours and the stew is smelling amazing so I’m going to eat now.

peeled shrimp

shrimp stew



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