Soocer in Colombia

(Warning…cool video below with a Hot Colombian Model…)

When we checked into our apartment, our property manager said we MUST go check out El Estadio. This “stadium” is actually more than a stadium. He described it as a complex that was built for some type of junior Olympic games that Medellin was trying to score for their city. Unfortunately because the “gangs were killing each other like crazy at the time,” Medellin was beat out by Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The guy kept going on and on about how cool this place was…”especially on Sunday.” I’ve learned when you go somewhere new, the nice people tell you everywhere to go and everything to do all at once…like I have a 100% perfect recall memory or something. So all I heard was blah, blah, blah…and that’s where the National Team play soccer at. Now that got my attention.

I’ve always heard soccer was a big deal in other countries…especially in South America so I was pretty excited. Even better yet, some Brazil team was coming into town that night…Brazil versus Colombia in soccer…score!

As Ana donned her Brazil uniform, we excitedly headed out the door ready for an amazing night and experience. Unfortunately, about 2 minutes into the Metro/Subway ride to El Stadio, my iPhone was picked out of my pocket. Pissed off, we got off the metro. Instead of excitement, the night was filled with anger and changing passwords on all accounts accessible from my phone.

Even though I swore to use only taxis from that moment on…three days later we braved the metro again. It was Sunday and we wanted to go check out this cool stuff our PM was talking about. I also saw online that El Estadio had Olympic sized swimming pools so we packed swim caps and goggles.

The metro eventually got us to our destination and as we headed down stairs we got a little redemption…we learned there was another soccer game that evening! It wasn’t Brazil but it was Bogota. Bogota is the biggest city in Colombia and Medellin the second biggest…so there’s a big brother, little brother rivalry there.

We had four hours to kill so we scoped out this El Estadio thing…and it was fascinating. They had facilities for every major Olympic sport. There was gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, handball, track and field, the swimming pool (more on that later)…and of course numerous soccer fields.

There was plenty of activities for everyone. Skate parks, water parks and rides for little kids…and even a cheer leading competition. It seemed like there was something for everyone.

We scored tickets in the “cheap seats” for about $8…and I wasn’t going into the game without the local team’s jersey. So I scored a Nike Dri-Fit Jersey for only $15. I was pumped. I was Postobon suited up! (That’s the sponsor’s name, not sure the team name).

The game reminded me of a Thunder game. The expensive seats was where the more affluent sat…and I mean it, I don’t think they got up the whole game. On the other hand, the cheap seats were at the top, on each side and was parallel to loud city. That’s where all the noise came from…realistically, it was a lot more rowdy than Love’s Loud City. It actually took me back to the Fiesta Bowl when OSU played Stanford. Their damn band did not shut up the whole game…I can still hear those drums in my head.

Anyways, this crowd (the loud city one) had a small band and they literally sang the entire game. I was impressed…because it was a boring ass game 🙂

At halftime…it was 0-0…real shocker. I turned to Ana and said, “I got my experience in, how about you?” She agreed and we headed back home. Although I don’t see soccer in my near future, a soccer game in South America was still a pretty cool experience.

Watch a futbol match in South America…check.

chase ana soccer

Hotdogs were a big deal at the game…but not the same without mustard and relish…




skate board

swim park

Burned a few minutes watching some Colombian basketball. You could tell soccer is the main focus down here. If I could have spoken the language, I was tempted to go show these poor kids how to break a press (hint…it’s the middle!).


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