estadio pool

El Estadio in Medellin, Colombia is a beautiful site to visit. This short post is about the swimming facilities. To see more details about Estadio, see my earlier post here.

If you like to swim for enjoyment or a workout then Estadio is going to make you happy. As you can see from my video, there are plenty of pool options to choose from. They even have a high dive board…unfortunately they wouldn’t let me jump off the high dive because I was an inexperienced diver. It’s interesting that in a country where it seems you can pretty much do anything you want…they draw the line at the high dive…whatever…they busted my bubble. They may have saved my life too…we’ll never know.

I opted for a nice workout in the Olympic pool. This is where they have international and qualifying competitions. Michael Phelps even swam here once. Did he win you ask? I didn’t know the guy ever lost…

To get in the facility, simply present your passport. They will jot your info down and give you a small ticket stub type thing. Keep the stub as you will have to give it to a guy in there to swim. The stub gets you an hour and a half of swim time. Me, I only needed 10 minutes of workout 🙂