Soocer in Colombia

(Warning…cool video below with a Hot Colombian Model…)

When we checked into our apartment, our property manager said we MUST go check out El Estadio. This “stadium” is actually more than a stadium. He described it as a complex that was built for some type of junior Olympic games that Medellin was trying to score for their city. Unfortunately because the “gangs were killing each other like crazy at the time,” Medellin was beat out by Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The guy kept going on and on about how cool this place was…”especially on Sunday.” I’ve learned when you go somewhere new, the nice people tell you everywhere to go and everything to do all at once…like I have a 100% perfect recall memory or something. So all I heard was blah, blah, blah…and that’s where the National Team play soccer at. Now that got my attention.

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