medellin city


Medellin, Colombia had me from hello. On the way from the airport to the city, I could sense something was special about this place…and my intuition was right. Medellin is a beautiful city that offers whatever you want. I have to be honest, coming to Colombia from the states is a bit scary because all the negative you hear about this place. Medellin may have had a rough past, but the present sure was bright.

The weather was amazing, not hot or cold. The people were strangely nice and helpful. They were always very caring about me to make sure I was having fun or making sure I had directions to where I was going. The last night we went out, I met a man named Ivan that spoke some English. His main question was “Are you having a good time here?” I said I loved it here. He was so happy…”I’m so glad to hear that. In America you hear a lot of negative about this place, but it’s not true. We really care about people here.” I couldn’t agree more.

I will never forget the words of my paragliding guide, while we were hovering in the air, above his city…”This is a beautiful place…but the most important thing here is the people are free.” I thought that was very interesting and wandered if back home we would describe our state the same way.

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