Taganga View

During our visit to the Cartagena Mud Volcano, we met some Irish friends on the shuttle who told us that we had to go to Taganga, Colombia. So with a desire to ditch Cartagena for a weekend, we booked a shuttle and headed East.

The trip from Cartagena to Taganga is only 2-3 hours, but shuttles work quite differently here. They’re more like taxis. They go around and pick you up at your hotel, apartment, hostel, etc and drop you off in the city you’re going to at your exact hotel, apartment, hostel, etc. Plus they stop at bigger cities in between and do the same. Needless to say, a 3 hour trip can turn into 5-6 real easy.

We planned on staying for two nights. The first night, we booked a room at Hotel Ki’Kuxtah. It was the second nicest hotel in Taganga for a whopping $50. The views were spectacular. The rooms were really nice. Free wifi and hot water which is saying a lot for a town that has around 5-10 roads that are around a half mile long…Taganga is tiny and secluded and remote.

We really didn’t know why we were going to Taganga, we were just tired of seeing Cartagena and wanted to see something else.

As I said, the place is tiny…it’s a fishing village. They do however, have plenty to do. Taganga essentially borders Tayrona National Park. There are plenty of guides willing to take you into Tayrona. I met a handful of people who had visited Tayrona and raved about it. It allegedly has the number one voted beach in the world. Us…we didn’t even know it existed until the shuttle ride over there.

There is only one place to go if you’re not in your hotel…the beach. The beach is small and lined with all the restaurants and night life in Taganga. We had dinner at a Jamaican Themed Hostel on the beach and then headed to the hotel. We had and early morning of diving. No, we didn’t go there to dive, but as it turns out Taganga is one of the cheapest places to dive in the world…lucky me 🙂

If you are near the coast of Colombia, I would put Taganga on your list. The people are nice and the peddlers aren’t near as annoying as they are at Cartagena’s beaches. There is only one paved road in the village. All the other roads are really rough so if you’re driving a rental car, I would consider shuttling out there. Also we were advised to cab any where we went after 10 o’clock. It’s a poor village so be smart and have some common sense. We heard that there had been a rise in robberies in the area, but those were mainly off the beaten path.

We had no trouble and enjoyed our stay there. We met some people who had been there for 6 months. For me, 2 nights was enough and some of the most memorable of my life.

taganga hot tub

View From The Roof Of Our Hotel

taganga beach left

Taganga Beach…Fishing Village

taganga beach right

taganga city road

taganga rough road

All Roads But The Main Road Look Like This

taganga beach night

taganga city at night

View at Night From Mirador Night Club

taganga love sign

Part of the Walk from our Hotel to the Beach

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